US Military budget

US Military budget

Dear WANW Coalition,
Last week the House passed the National Defense Authorization Act. $733 Billion dollars for military spending. This reveals a culture that normalizes violence and war and a country that will use militarism to protect its interests abroad. However within this bill, there are many victories to claim, where Congress moved in the direction against a new nuclear arms race. In the NDAA, our movement was able to:

  • Defeat funding the deployment of Trump’s new “low-yield” nuclear weapon
  • Repeal the 2002 Authorization for the Use of Military Force
  • Prohibit the unauthorized use of military force against Iran
  • Prevent the U.S. military from supporting and participating in the Saudi-led war against Houthis in Yemen
  • Express Congressional support for the extension of the New START treaty
  • Withhold funding for new missiles that would violate the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty

We must continue to organize for a future free of militarism and nuclear weapons. When we unite and when we organize, we win!

Opportunities to take action with WANW

Join the monthly meeting this Thursday, July 18, 2-3:30 PM at El Centro de la Raza of the Washington Against Nuclear Weapons Coalition.
 Click here to video conference in via computer or call in at 1-669-900-6833, and enter Meeting ID: 453090627. See the draft meeting agenda here. Please send any additional items to
Join “From Hiroshima to Hope” on August 6th.

On August 6th, as we have every year since 1984, we will gather at Green Lake in Seattle for our annual lantern floating ceremony honoring victims of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and all victims of war. Sign up to volunteer here (Special request is for people who know how to row rowboats). See more information on the From Hiroshima to Hope website. WANW also needs volunteers to help gather petition signatures and to join us at our table.
Register for the Veterans for Peace Annual Conference (WANW Coalition Partner)

  1. WANW members can register and participate in the convention program
  2. WANW can table during the convention.
  3. WANW can purchase an ad in the convention program.